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One step back. Now, two steps forward! [Feb. 15th, 2008|07:58 am]
Good Health and Fitness Success

[mood |disappointeddisappointed]

So, I gained weight this week--for the first time since starting this particular journey six weeks ago. I expected to gain, because I actually made a conscious decision to make bad choices. It felt good at the time, but now it just feels crappy.

And I wish I could blame it on Valentine's Day, because it's fun to blame it on a food holiday. But it had precious little to do with chocolate, and more to do with getting over a head cold.

It started off a week ago yesterday, when I was just starving ALL THE TIME. I was getting over a head cold and hadn't worked out all week, and then I just had this craving for carbs so went out for a pancake dinner. Still, I lost 1/2 pound because I'd been on plan all week. But then, it was like a switch had been tripped in my head. Friday we went out for salad at Sweet Tomatoes, and I was really good with the salad bar. Didn't have soup, didn't have pasta--but I did have the lava cake. Bad choice. Put me under quite a bit. Then on Saturday we tried a new Indian restaurant. The food was amazing. Too amazing. That was the rest of my weekly points, and I was even over for the week. By the second day. And instead of tightening my belt and plunging ahead, I took it as an opportunity to take the week off and go back to my normal eating ways. My husband, while not to blame for this, did not discourage me. He didn't try to keep me on track, as he might have in the past. As a matter of fact, he seemed really kind of happy that we were going back to our old eat out every night and eat whatever we want ways.

But I'm trying not to place blame on other people. I could have ordered healthy things. I could have controlled myself. But in a way I guess I wanted to take a week off, and I knew it wouldn't end well. And it didn't. Two and a half pounds up.

It's okay. I know it's okay. Sometimes we need to take a step back to take two steps forward. It just feels better when you're at the two steps forward than when you're at the one step back. I started running again on Tuesday, ran again on Thursday and tomorrow I meet my friends to run--and I'm doing five miles. It will be good. I'm tracking my weight today and I will also start tracking my points again today, as well. It's all going to be fine. I'm just bummed because I made a bad choice, and now I'm feeling cruddy about it.

Okay. That's my wallowing in remorse for the day (thanks for indulging me). Now, looking ahead. Running. Eating right. Two steps forward.
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Need ideas for a Valentines Day gift? [Jan. 27th, 2008|04:56 pm]
Good Health and Fitness Success

I know it's not as romantic as chocolate or flowers or jewelry, but if you want an idea for a gift that has been helping me toward my weight loss goal, I suggest getting a heart rate monitor. Wal-Mart sells some for under $50. It straps around your chest (under your breasts, right under the band of an exercise bra) and transmits your heart rate to a watch on your wrist. For it to work, you have to figure out what your target heart rate is, and it's good to know this (I just learned) because many people, when exercising, are working either too little (not getting their heart rate up to aerobic level) or too HARD. Did you know you could work too hard? I didn't. I figured if I was just about falling down dying I was doing an excellent job, but that's not what's supposed to happen. For instance, my resting heart rate is 60, so for aerobic benefit I want to get to 120, for cardiac benefit I want to get between 140 and 150, but if I go above 170 I go into anaerobic level which means that my body will not lose any weight because I'm going too fast. Ever since I've gotten this heart rate monitor I've been able to see how hard I'm working. When my heart is at 120 I don't feel like I'm doing anything at all. I used to be panting and very unhappy at 147, now I don't feel like that until I'm at 154. I like the heart rate monitor because it really helps me keep track of my effort level. Now, there are more expensive ones that tell you how long you have run (distance, not just time), that are backlit, etc. but you can get a cheap one just to show you how on or off target you are. A friend of mine told me something a friend of hers told her: If you have kids (or a full life) and you're taking the time out to exercise, you want to get the most out of your time. There is no point wasting your half hour, or forty-five minutes, or hour, on doing a workout that is not hard enough or too hard. You want to be right in your zone. So, I highly recommend one. I wouldn't be running without it.

And to be honest, I wouldn't be losing weight without the online tools I'm getting through Weight Watchers online. So a subscription to their online service (especially if you don't like or don't have time for meetings) is another suggestion.

And that is all of my unsolicited advice for the day!
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I did it! [Jan. 26th, 2008|11:19 am]
Good Health and Fitness Success

[mood |chipperchipper]

I ran the 5K today and finished in 33:55. That's about 11.18 minutes per mile. More importantly, I ran the whole time (didn't walk once), kept my heart rate between 147 and 157 (and didn't feel like I wanted to die) and had so much fun! I think I may even have felt one (or two) endorphins.

Next goal: the Disney Half-Marathon.

Nothing like going all out, eh?
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Kind of excited [Jan. 25th, 2008|07:56 pm]
Good Health and Fitness Success

[mood |accomplished]

Tomorrow is my very first 5K race. Three miles. I can't wait. I hadn't ever run before early December, and then my friends really encouraged me, and I got better, and now I'm in my very first race. It's just three miles--no really big deal, but I'm happy. It's not something I ever would have done before, not something I ever would have done without my friends, and I'm just almost sort of proud of myself. I'll be truly proud of myself if I actually run the race tomorrow, and finish. This would mean not catching any illnesses from my children and braving the pretty cold (for Florida) weather. I'm really looking forward to it.

And, on top of that, I lost two more pounds for a total of 10 full pounds since New Years! Only 25 more to go! Yay!
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Woo hoo! [Jan. 18th, 2008|07:58 am]
Good Health and Fitness Success

As of today (my weigh-in day) I've lost eight pounds. I can fit back into my wedding ring (though it's a little tight) and today I was able to fit back into my pre-pregnancy pants! I am loving this (even if some of my stomach fat is trying to escape from the waistband. I couldn't even close the pants two weeks ago!)

And I can't wait to run with my friends tomorrow morning. I can already go so much faster and run so much longer than I did at the start of the month. When I started I could barely make two miles without having to walk. The other morning I ran for 4 and a half miles! At 4:30 in the morning. It's like I don't know who I am any more, but I like who I'm becoming!

This reminds me of something I read at Weight Watchers a long time ago, and I use it every time I have to turn down something yummy (like popcorn at the movies, or a doughnut after church): "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels."
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Today's Progress [Jan. 15th, 2008|11:19 am]
Good Health and Fitness Success

There's nothing like starting your morning with a good 'ol routine mammogram! Yay!

But I went straight to the gym after that.

30 minutes on the ellipse machine...followed by a short walk with the dog.

-5,946 steps (I've done 7,019 steps from 10am-11:21 am)
-46 minutes total aerobic time
-356 calories burned
-3.87 miles

Breakfast: bowl of quaker squares cereal and a hard boiled egg

*****One thing I changed to have a more "healthy lifestyle"...about a year ago, after quitting Jenny Craig, I realized that their cereal portions were SO much smaller than I was used to. So I bought myself a tiny bowl (kind of similar in size to my daughter's toddler bowls) and that is what I eat my cereal in now. I think it really keeps me at the right portion and amazingly, it's filling enough.

Water. Water. Water.
I've had nothing but water to drink today. I'm going to try to drink nothing but water...at least until dinner time.
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This week in review [Jan. 13th, 2008|11:00 am]
Good Health and Fitness Success

It was an up and down week for me. I started out great, preparing my snacks and lunches for work, etc. But I didn't work out like I wanted to on Tuesday. On Thursday I had a great workout on the ellipse machine...and walking the dog, but then I started slacking on the food. I wasn't eating bad, but I wasn't tracking, and I had to hit the taco bell one day after work. Grrrr.

Oh, and then I totally blew the diet when I went down to Tucson for my niece's birthday. Oh yeah, and I brought a huge cake from Karsh's! I had to eat some...it's the best cake in the world! Naturally, I gained a couple pounds, but I'll get back on track today! I promise!

Why is it that I can't keep up with the food tracking? I have this cute little book....it's with me all the time. It's easy to write in, but I still end up forgetting about it. I'll work on that this week.

So my goal this week is to work out 5 days this week! 5 days rain or shine, sickness or in health!
Drink lots of water and stick to my situps. I did 3 days of my Firm sit ups DVD. It kicked my butt...but I kept it up. Then I forgot on Friday...and yesterday.

Two things that really keep me motivated:
1. Marking an X on the calendar after I've worked out that day. When I see a bunch of X's, I feel proud and ready to do more.
2. My pedometer. I really love seeing just how many steps I do and how many calories I burn each day. It's fun to try to beat the previous day's work too.
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Great tips! [Jan. 13th, 2008|10:51 am]
Good Health and Fitness Success

I wanted to post these so everyone could see (just in case you're not reading comments)
Great tips from diadem8...

Great resources:
1. Weight Watchers Online--they're an excellent resource to let you know the best foods to eat for the amount of calories and fat you can have each day. The points system really works for me because it appeals to my budgeting mentality.
2. Dottie's Weight Loss Zone - dwlz.com - lists foods for tons of restaurants and fast-food places so you can know how many calories you're really eating. Do you know there is a dish at Macaroni Grill (a pork chop dish) that is the equivalent of eating five quarter pounders with cheese? And some pasta dishes that I have ordered there have so many calories and fat that I spend three days worth of points in ONE meal? I love this site because it helps me plan out what I'm going to order at the restaurant before I get there, and I stick to that plan.
3. Hungry Girl, at www.hungry-girl.com - gives great tips on ways to get the food you crave in lower calorie/lower fat ways. She sends out emails every day and htey totally rock!
4. A group of folks to work out with. Even if I don't run as fast as they do, the fact that they're waiting for me at 6:30 am makes me drag my rear end out of bed.
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(no subject) [Jan. 7th, 2008|09:25 am]
Good Health and Fitness Success

Welcome sarahslays to our community!

How is everyone doing out there?
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Things I'm remembering this time around [Jan. 6th, 2008|10:45 pm]
Good Health and Fitness Success

I've "changed my eating lifestyle" so many times in the course of the past 15 years that I can barely remember it all. In my twenties it was "eat everything I want until I realize I've gained 10 pounds then go on the three day 'no bread' diet and lose it all." By the end of my twenties I had to go on Weight Watchers. I learned a lot of stuff about lifestyle changes and all that, lost 25 pounds then promptly threw all I learned out the window during my first pregnancy. That was my "eat everything that sits still long enough for me to stuff it in my mouth" phase. Then there was the fourteen months of breastfeeding, where I ate even more than I did during my pregnancy. When I stopped breastfeeding I didn't even need to diet, half the weight just dropped off and then . . . yup, pregnant again. Now that the second child is 18 months old, I'm finding that the weight just isn't dropping off like it did the first time. So . . . back to applying what I know, but have been reluctant to do before now because I'm lazy:

1. I must stop using food for entertainment. Food is for energy, not for pleasure or for diversion. Eat to live, don't live to eat.
2. It doesn't matter if you exercise for 10 minutes three times a day, or for 30 minutes at once. Every little bit of time spent exercising is not time spent just sitting around, and better yet is not time spent eating. Also, exercise is a natural appetite supressant. And exercise doesn't have to be at the gym. It can be 30 minutes dancing around the house with the kids.
3. Exercise is a natural appetite supressant.
4. I must stop eating the kids' leftovers. They're thin because they barely eat anything you serve them; why should I eat their unwanted calories.
5. Water is essential for weight loss. I just lose weight faster when I'm drinking the 8 glasses a day.
6. Sleep is essential for weight loss. Most of the reason I don't have the energy to exercise is that I stay up too late at night.
7. My favorite Weight Watchers phrase: Progress, not perfection. Small changes will work over time, and the only way to fail is to quit.

Okay, well, if I want to keep my resolve to get adequate sleep so I can get my backside onto the treadmill tomorrow, I have to stop at #7 (which is really tough for someone like me with all the obsessive-compulsive disorder. My brain keeps screaming "You must get to ten!")

Good luck with the start of the new week, everyone! I'll try to get my picture up soon. Hint: it looks a lot like nagylanys.
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